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1/32 MiG23MLD Flogger K Soviet Fighter

1/32 MiG23MLD Flogger K Soviet Fighter

Trumpeter Scale Models

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Kit may require paint, glue or model building supplies sold separately.
Trumpeter Scale Models Kit number 3211

Product DescriptionSoviet/Russian variable-geometry fighter-bomber, 2nd generation optimized fighter variant. Kit features engraved panel lines and rivets, well detailed cockpit/ejection seat, pivoting wings, intake trucking, fully detailed engine, separate rudder, ventral gun pod, detailed wheel wells, separate slats/flaps/spoilers, multi-part canopy, separate aft fuselage with maintenance dolly, vinyl tires, white metal undercarriage, photo-etch fine details and extensive external stores (missiles: R-3R, R-13M, R-13M1, R-23R, R-23T, R-24R, R-23T, R-60 and KH-23M; bombs: RB-250, RBK-250, RBK-500; S24B rockets; rocket launchers: UB-32M, B--8M1; UPK-23 gun pods; PTB-800 and drop tanks). Decals and color painting guide for 2 aircraft: 'White 57' of the 2nd Squadron, 120th FR during September 1989 and 'Blue 07' during 1990 - includes instrument markings, stencil data and weapons markings.From the ManufacturerThe MiG-23 Flogger is a high speed swing-wing interceptor, with a secondary capability of ground attack. Designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich bureau in the Soviet Union. Development began in 1964, with the prototype first flying in June 1967. This plastic model kit is an accurate representation of the military vehicle.
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