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Educational Kit: Wind Powered Car (Approx 9"H, 7"L) (Snap)

Educational Kit: Wind Powered Car (Approx 9"H, 7"L) (Snap)


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Windmill Energy Car - Edukit The new series of educational scale models of the ACADEMY brand is designed for children over 8 years old and for teenagers. It allows them to get acquainted with and to lean about certain inventions made by man throughout History in a playful way by assembling scale models. Assembly does not require glue nor tools, the different pieces can be clipped together. Assembly is explained through easy diagrams, you just have to respect the numbered steps. Scale models are functional, either through solar energy (in which case a mini solar panel is included), or through windmill energy (blades included), or through a battery (not included). They are also solid basis for an initiation to engineering science and an educational fun allowing knowledge and understanding of certain systems present in our environment.
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