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DaVinci Armored Car (Approx 4.5"W) (Snap)

DaVinci Armored Car (Approx 4.5"W) (Snap)


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From the ManufacturerAcademy's Da Vinci Armoured Car is an interpretation of the original drawing, designed during the Renaissance era by the famous Italian scientist and artist, Leonardo da Vinci. This spring powered kit is a joy to build, and snaps together without any tools, glue, batteries and doesn't need painting. Imagine holding a piece of history in your hand and it operates as well. This 5" in diameter armoured car carries 16 guns around its perimeter; it's full size design would have been able to attack from any angle. Academy's technical engineers captured the wonders of this mechanical masterpiece, making the model a joy to build, display or operate. The model contains a spring powered wind-up mechanism so you can actually power the model across a desktop. Part of Academy's Da Vinci Machine Series, this easy to assmble, historical and educational kit would make a terrific introductory model for the budding modeler, or student looking for a "show-and-tell" school project.
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